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clínica UPB

Spiritual and Psychosocial Accompaniment

Acompañamiento Espiritual y Psicosocial

The Clinic performs recreational and educational activities during the care, which allow its patients a greater adaptation and tranquility in the hospitalization process.

  • Spiritual and Family Accompaniment 

    The chapel is located on the first floor and is available to users 24/7. In accordance with its Christian philosophy, the Clinic offers daily the services of the Catholic religion: Eucharist, communion, confession, anointing of the sick, emergency baptism, and spiritual counseling.

    For the spiritual assistance of other churches or cults, the patient or his family must communicate, to the floor nurse, the telephone number and name of the person to be called according to the place of assignment of the patient to the respective church. 

    Similarly, the Clinic has professionals in Psychology and Social Work, as support for family dynamics to make critical decisions or face painful situations.
  • Innovation for the Soul

    This weekly space allows the patient and his family to generate spaces for reflection, as well as spiritual and emotional support in the face of the health and illness process.
  • Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Group 

    The Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Group of the Clinica Universitaria Bolivariana was created with the support of the The Health Sciences School since 1995. 

    All those people who voluntarily wish to take out ambulatory treatment for their illness with alcohol, dependence on psychoactive substances or gambling addiction, regardless of their sex, age, religion, political affinity, social security or stratum, can belong to it.

    It has an interdisciplinary approach and aims to   increase disease awareness   of addiction to facilitate the process of abstinence. To fulfill this purpose, people, in addition to attending the group, must have an individual therapeutic consultation with the psychiatrist, and additionally with family therapy, to involve their members in the treatment process. There are also support professionals in psychology and toxicology. This program   has no cost

    For more information, you can contact us at: +57 4 445 59 00 (extension 962).
  • Volunteer Group 

    The Clinic has an association of volunteers formed since 2001, which supports the activities of attention to the user facing the specific needs of patients and their families during their care at the Clinic. 

    The volunteer group carries out its group and individual activities accompanying the staff of the Clinic to improve the patient´s experience during their stay.
  • Ussers Association 

    The  Clinic's Users Association, whose origin was given in 2004 , was formed by a group of patients who work for the fulfillment of their rights through the identification of the needs and expectations of users, trying to improve the levels of   satisfaction   in the attention and the fulfillment of their duties. 

    The Users Association supports the process of user support in the performance of oversight, leisure activities, accompaniment of hospitalized patients, and disclosure of their duties and rights of the users. 

    If you have been a patient of the Clinic, we invite you to be part of our association, by writing to us at: atencionalusuario@upb.edu.co   or communicating to the phone   +57 4 445 59 00   (extensions 975 or 961).
  • Pastoral Health Program 

    Through training in health and the world of the hospital, the Clinic contributes to the formation of the Health Pastoral Agents of the Archdiocese of Medellín who work in their   communities as Pastoral Agents and caregivers, providing educational tools that allow them to contribute to the physical and spiritual support of patients and their families.
  • Playful and Accompanying Activities for Patients and their Families

    The Clinic has various support groups that, through the game, carry out support activities for patients and their families, allowing them to take advantage of the time during hospitalization and   improving the mood   in their illness. 

    Current programs: 
    • Aquí Leo (Here I Read): seeks to promote pleasant spaces and recreation through   reading aloud , based on guidelines for libraries serving the hospital, elderly, and disabled patients.

    • Abuelos Cuenta Cuentos (Grandparents Tell Tales):  grandmothers, through reading aloud, seek to transmit values to maternal patients, who must remain hospitalized for a long time.

    • Palabras que Acompañan (Accompanying Words): through playful spaces around reading, writing, music and conversation, the program seeks to contribute and improve the quality of life of children during their stay.

    • Manualidades (Crafts):   the group of volunteers meet in the waiting room for maternity services with patients who have been hospitalized for a long time, and   teach them how to weave and make the trousseau   for their babies (hat, mittens, shirts, among others).

    • Clown Contigo (A Clown With You):   through laughter   and passive recreation, we contribute to making the hospital environment more pleasant for our patients. The goal is to transform your experience and that of your family through nice moments during your stay.