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Patient Rights and Duties

In the Clinica Universitaria Bolivariana, all patients, without distinction of gender, age, race, socioeconomic level, ideas, religious and political beliefs and practices, sexual preferences, clinical condition or any other consideration, we respect the following rights:

  • I. Related to Information

    Right to:
    • Be oriented with respect to the entity that should provide the required health services.
    • Receive information about your diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, risks, benefits, and continuity of home management.
    • Receive information, guidance, and advice on the procedures, costs, formalities, requirements, and documents necessary to be attended; and about the rules and services offered by the Clinic during the stay at the Institution.
    • That they inform you where and how you can present suggestions, complaints or claims that you consider pertinent about the attention provided, aimed at improving the quality of the services offered by the Clinic. You can also actively participate in instances of the Institution such as the Users Association and the Hospital Ethics and Bioethics Committees.
  • II. Related to Care

    Right to:
    • Only demand your ID document to access the health services.
    • That they give priority to those under 18 years of age.
    • Have a preferential window for people over 62 years old, without ignoring the rights of children, as well as disabled users, and pregnant women close to giving birth.
    • To be attended by ethical and suitable personnel to take care of your life and health.
    • Receive medical attention in case of vital emergency, without any conditioning.
    • Be referred to other health institutions when their care needs require another complexity level or to receive in a written form, the reasons why the health service is denied.
    • Choose freely the insurer, the service provider institution and be able to decide which professional by, taking into account the available resources of the Clinic, and request and receive a second opinion consultation in cases of disagreement with the diagnosis or care plan formulated.
  • III. Related to your Autonomy

    Right to:
    • Accept or not the prescribed treatments, ordered procedures, and receive or donate organs.
    • Decide their participation in research and accept or not the presence of students during your stay at the Clinic.
    • Request a second medical opinion or change of treating physician. 
    • Receive spiritual support as an integral part of your care, according to the patient's beliefs and philosophy of life.
  • IV. Related to your Dignity, Privacy, and Security

    Right to:
    • Be treated in a personalized way and called by your name; to a dignified, kind and courteous treatment, without any discrimination.
    • The confidentiality of the information: The patient has the right to be guaranteed absolute reservation about his/her disease, clinical chart, examination results, and identity, since only the health team, the patient, the judicial and health authorities can access this information in the cases provided by the law, or third party, if there is previous written authorization from the patient.
    • To receive health services in hygienic conditions and to be offered the greatest privacy, intimacy, and security during clinical assistance.
    • That their opinions, beliefs, and traditions be respected, as long as they are not in contradiction with institutional principles.
    • Be protected in their integrity, providing adequate and available means to avoid any incident that damages their physical, psychological righteousness or belongings.

At the Clinica Universitaria Bolivariana, patients during their care must comply with the following duties:

  • I. Related to their Identification in the Institution

    • Present the document that certifies your identity and the documentation that endorses the authorization and/or payment of the service by the insurer to which you are affiliated.
  • II. Related to your Participation in the Treatment

    • Assume responsibility for your health care, complying with the treatments and instructions provided by the health team.
    • Comply with scheduled appointments and notify, at least 24 hours before, in case that you are not able to attend.
    • Comply with the instructions and recommendations for your stay at the Clinic.
  • III. Related to the Information for your Treatment

    • Provide all the information that is required by the health team about your health condition, previous treatments, knowledge, and care for the disease, in a precise, complete and truthful way.
  • IV. Related to Compliance with the Rules of Coexistence, Respect, and Safety

    • Caring for and making rational use of the implements, facilities, and services.
    • Treat all people with whom you interact during your stay at the Clinic with kindness.
    • Respect the privacy and beliefs of other patients.
    • Collaborate with the care of your belongings and inform about facts that threaten your safety and the Clinic's.

The patients´ rights and duties were adopted by DECLARATION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE CLINIC - Minutes Number 08; October 26, 2009.