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Medellín is the second largest and most important city in Colombia. It is located in the Northwestern part of the country and it is internationally recognized for a great diversity of aspects, among them: its strength, beauty, temperature, mountains, social transformation, architecture, culture, gastronomy, among other aspects.

The city is captivating, not only for its pleasant climate (around 24°C throughout the year); but, also for the kindness of its people. Medellin is attractive due to its commercial and industrial activity, as well as a large number of activities that make it a cultural capital.

Also, it is recognized by special names such as the Teacup (for its cleanliness) or The City of the Eternal Spring (for its tolerable climate during most of the year).

Thanks to its social and urban transformation processes, the city has been recognized with different international awards, such as the recognition of the most innovative city in the world in the competition: “City of the Year” of the Wall Street Journal', as well the Lee Kuan Prize Yew World City Prize, considered the highest award of urbanism in the world.

  • Health

    The Colombian health system stands out for having high levels of coverage, increases in life expectancy, and reductions in infant mortality, according to the Colombian Association of Clinics and Hospitals -ACHC-.

    It is also important to note that in the country it is possible to find cheaper international health services (between 50 and 70%) compared to costs in North America and Europe. Additionally, medical insurance is relatively less expensive in Colombia in relation to these same places.