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clínica UPB

House Rules

  • I. Silence and Tranquility

    It is essential to moderate the tone of voice, the volume of televisions, radios, and the number of visitors in all the places of the Clinic; only, in this way, we will be able to maintain a calm environment that helps the recovery of the patient​.

    Avoid the ambulation of patients and family members by areas other than the care service or the entrance to other rooms.
  • II. Consumption of Cigarette and Psychoactive Substances

    As stipulated by the Law 1335 of 2009, the Clinica Universitaria Bolivariana is a tobacco-free public space, and consequently complies with the provisions of the Ministry of Social Protection. Out of respect for others, and for the safety of all, it is forbidden to smoke, consume liquor or psychoactive drugs in the facilities of the Clinic. People who ignore this rule may be withdrawn from the Institution.
  • III. Action in Case of Emergency

    If during your stay at the Clinic you detect any alarm or dangerous situation, whatever it may be, immediately communicate it to one of our employees; they will know how to proceed.

    At the Clinic, there is an emergency plan and trained personnel to provide the necessary help and protect your life. Remain calm, do not shout and follow exactly the instructions indicated by them.

    As a preventive measure, locate and recognize from your entrance to the Clinic, the evacuation routes, and the meeting points.
  • IV. Care of Facilities, Equipment and Waste Disposal

    The facilities and equipment of the Clinic are for your service. Its deterioration limits the attention and comfort of patients and their families.

    Upon admission of the patient to the room, an inventory with the implements of this will be delivered, and upon discharge, their condition will be verified.

    The patient should bring pajamas and personal hygiene items: soap, towel, brush, toothpaste, diapers, and sanitary napkins.

    Avoid manipulation of the equipment connected to the patient and ask the nurse to indicate how to use the call bell and the control of the bed.

    In the room and in different points of the Clinic, you will find containers of different colors for the disposal of waste. We appreciate your collaboration with the cleaning of the Clinic and the protection of the environment, following the instructions of each container.