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In the area of ​​Research, our purpose is to guide the internal and external assistant, administrative and scientific community to develop research activities in the Clinica Universitaria Bolivariana framed in areas of scientific interest and others considered relevant, promoting scientific knowledge that impacts positively the needs of society, which results should be disclosed and disseminated.

  • Scientific Areas of Excellence 

    These are the topics that generate scientific identity for the generation of knowledge in the Clinica Universitaria Bolivariana, which are developed by complying with principles of teaching, research and transfer processes integration from the existing or future strengths in the provision of assistance services, which generate dynamics of dialogue of knowledge or interdisciplinarity and that respond to the needs of the national context with international projection.These areas are:


    • Maternal and Fetal Medicine​: area oriented to scientific and academic production in the field of care of the pregnant woman and the fetus in high-risk pregnancy, and to the intervention of the fetus as a patient when it presents a high probability of malformations.

    • Pelvic floor: an interdisciplinary group strengthens research, teaching, and transfer in the prevention and treatment of dysfunctions of the structures that make up the pelvic floor or perineum and that support the bladder, the internal genital apparatus and the rectum.

    • Extreme Neonate: knowledge management in the area of ​​Neonates seeks the generation, dissemination and appropriate use of knowledge to improve the survival and development of the healthy or critically ill premature child.

    • Infectious Diseases: : in this area of ​​knowledge, successful own and external experiences are implemented as a result of research, development, and innovation, with the aim of preventing the risk of the spread of infections, making an opportune diagnosis and a relevant treatment, especially in the rational management of antibiotics.

    • Chronic and Autoimmune Diseases​: this area is committed to improving the quality of life of people suffering from a chronic disease (which in most cases is highly disabling), by integrating different areas of knowledge through projects of research, training, and transfer.
  • Research groups

    Currently, the Clinic endorses 5 research groups recognized by Colciencias, which have staffed from different areas of health that provide scientific knowledge for the development of research at the Clinic:

    Critical Care Research Group
    Colciencias Code: COL0008746
    Gynecology and Obstetrics Research Group
    Colciencias Code: COL0007032
    Research Group in Internal Medicine
    Colciencias Code: COL0020553
    Public Health Research Group
    Colciencias Code: COL0053071
    Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology Unit - UNIR – Clinica Universitaria Bolivariana
    Colciencias Code: COL0057348
  • How to Carry Out Research Projects in the Clinic

    In the Clinic we have established research routes to guide researchers who are interested in carrying out a project within the institution; these routes apply for researchers from the Clinic, the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, and researchers from other national and international institutions.
  • Contact

    Cristian Vera Marín
    Research Manager 
    Email: investigacion.clinicabolivariana@upb.edu.co
    Phone number: 445 59 00 Ext. 5301